Microfiche Collection of Tibetan Literature

西藏文獻微縮單片典藏‧Microfiche Collection of Tibetan Literature‧


In addition to the texts collected as part of the PL480 Text Preservation Project, our library’s Microfiche Collection of Tibetan Literature also includes four version of the Kangyur (Derge, Lhasa, Narthang, Peking) and two versions of the Tengyur (Derge, Zhuoni) for a total of more than 50,000 microfiches. Among these, the PL480 Text Preservation Project includes collections from all the different schools, as well as historical records, medical and linguistics treatises.

Catalogue of PL480 Tibetan microfilm outline completed by Yoichi Fukuda in Tōyō Bunkō. This catalog can enter one or two Tibetan Wylie transliteration vocabulary, and then it can be searched online.